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Who is The Dog Butler?

About Us

Let me introduce myself and provide you a little more information.  My name is Terry Haskins, I’m married to the love of my life Tammy, I’m also a  full time Dad to my children; Tony, Audrey, Shea, and our faithful dogs Ronin, Petey and Nana’s Angel.  

My father was a K9 Handler in the US Air Force and Boston Police Dept. I knew about K9’s but not as much about companion Dogs.  My mother was the real trainer of our dogs growing up.  First because she was the primary caretaker and secondly it was her house, not the dog house:)

I too served in the US Air Force as an Avionics Technician, but I didn’t discover my real love for dogs until my wife and I brought home a 12 week old Boston Terrier we named Pal. I loved him so much I decided to quit my "traditional" job and start The Dog Butler which originally was a dog walking business on the South Shore in 2000.  In 2002 the owner of The Weymouth Dog Shop gave me the opportunity to go to National K9 School for Dog Trainers in Columbus Ohio.  After graduating their Master Trainer Program I started Doggaritaville University Training at the Weymouth Dog Shop.  In 2003 my daughter Audrey came into the world and I decided to resign from Doggaritaville University and become a stay at home Dad.  In order to financially make ends meet I returned as The Dog Butler, providing in home training to clients and their dogs.  

What a fortunate soul I am to have met so many talented and enthusiastic dog trainers during this journey.  I continue to expand my knowledge and gain wisdom in order to provide my clients with real solutions to help them live with their dog.  Each dog has lessons to teach us, I’m paying especially good attention to them.

Dog training is really about teaching people they have a dog.  If you respect them as a dog you allow them to reach their potential and the real joy of living with them.  I believe raising a puppy takes patience, developing an adolescent dog takes trust and enjoying a wonderful adult dog takes the cake.

Thank you for your interest in my personalized dog training service, it would be an honor to help you train your dog.

Terry Haskins, CPT

Certified Professional Trainer

Owner, The Dog Butler, Inc.